Years of Experience
  Dedication of Care was begun in 2005, and in the past 12 years, we have worked tirelessly to improve our level of care. In keeping with the promise of our name, we have made a goal of always reaching for the next benchmark in improving the lives of our patients. As such, we continue to both seek out new specialists that can expand our abilities and encourage our existing members to improve themselves and become even better at providing excellent care. DOC is proud to have a wide variety of skills among our excellent nursing staff. Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses, Certified Nurses Aide’s, Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapists, all knowledgeable in a host of methods to provide care provide the expertise we need to be ready for your health crises. As communities grow and change, so do their needs. What our area was like 12 years ago is not what it has become today. Over time, we have proudly met the community’s expectations and more. Because of that, we can boast 12 years of experience and counting.   
Dedication of Care Home Health Agency is dedicated to providing comprehesive, confidential and cost-effective quality caring services withfamily involvement to meet the patient's needs at home. 
Dedication of Care Home Health Agency
Expanding our Geographic Locations
Caring Staff
 Another benefit of our longevity is how DOC has expanded over the last dozen years. We have grown from a single location to servicing multiple major cities. Currently, our coverage area includes South Texas major cities:  Laredo, McAllen, Edinburg, Corpus Christi, and Brownsville. The geography of this net is significant in scope, and yet all of our servicing areas remain committed to the same level of quality. One of the ways we remain this successful is a dedication to going ‘Green.’ We use electronic records kept under the strictest of security measures. Through internal security and extensive measures, all of our records are kept safe without using physical copies. Doing so saves on paper, cutting down on the room required to maintain records. This also means that within our network, your entire history is a few keystrokes away. This safe, effective, and proven system ensures that you will not need to repeat yourself over and over again to new nurses or therapists if anything should come up while we are doing a home visit.  
Speaking of the area, we are also proud of where we work and live. South Texas is a unique area with a life and feel all its own. Consequently, it also has unique resources to both ensure quality and monitor the practices of the health care providers. First, we are licensed through the Texas Health and Human Services, ensuring that our practice is safe and ready to handle our patients. This could be enough, but we have taken additional steps to maintain quality of our care. We have groups like RAW Enterprises and the Joint Commissions. The first is a healthcare consulting company that is based here in Texas. Among their members, they have 30 years’ experience in this industry, with a variety of special focuses. RAW Enterprises offers insight in business startup, consulting healthcare providers, rating their affiliate businesses, helping to strategically plan for the future, and assist in accrediting their partners. Accreditation is one of the more important factors. As they are familiar with both the healthcare providers and the legal framework for local, state, and national standards, they are fantastic at ensuring both quality and meeting legal standards. Specifically, RAW Health Consulting Enterprises is committed to providing satisfaction with integrity, ethically oriented, and excellent service. These are precisely the kind of partners any business can thrive with.

Similarly, the Joint Commissions is a group that helps to certify healthcare providers. They are a Non-profit organization that accredits and certifies groups like Dedication of Care since 1951. The Joint Commissions is one of the largest and oldest standards-setting and accrediting body in health care. The backing of both a local expert company and one of the most prestigious groups in healthcare proves the excellence that DOC is ready to continue providing our community. We gladly keep representatives of RAW Enterprises on-site to ensure we not only meet all the standards but continue to do so at all times.

Constantly Monitoring our Quality 

National Patient Safety Goals  

DOC spends a great deal of time also being acutely aware of the medical community. While this doesn’t sound impressive it means something vitally important. By staying aware of the standards and missteps of our industry, we remain on the forefront of safety and medicine for our patients. This can include outbreaks of specific diseases or new procedures that improve the quality of life for patients. We also help support national programs such as keeping our community informed on trends like helping to prevent falls for elderly. A fall can be a problem for most, but elder citizens can suffer greatly from the damage of one. Programs are often held with a theme like this to raise awareness for an important health issue. On that local scale, DOC also is very cautious with medication and practices. Our skilled staff are always checking and rechecking to ensure the right medication and right dosages are given at the right time. Small details can make a massive difference for our patients, so only through vigilance can we assure your health and safety. Our ratings system within the healthcare industry show that we are on-par with national averages, and above average for our state.
Your Insurance 
  The best methods and people Healthcare can be a difficult field to find services in, depending on your insurance. Finding appropriate and quality care can be difficult, as clinics and home healthcare providers can vary on what forms of insurance they accept. This creates the problem of having to choose what insurance you are willing to work with, what doctors you find acceptable, and ensuring that you have a way to afford your care.  DOC understands how challanging that can be, so our systems are designed to be very open to your insurance. Doing so provides the best coverage for you. We are proud to be certified by Medicare and in network with major insurance companies.

 This means a wide variety of insurance companies are affiliated with us, or work with us to ensure your coverage is assured. For instance, we are able to accept Medicaid, Superior Healthcare, United Healthcare, Molina, Driscoll, Tricare/Triwest and Veterans Affairs Department of Insurance among others. With this wide array of accepted coverage, you should have little difficulty choosing our services to provide you the best possible care and not worry about compatibility with your insurance.  

The utmost in staff
DOC is by design determined to provide the best in care. Doing so is similar to any other industry, it requires the best people and tools possible. Our on-hand staff is excellent and has proven their ability to handle a variety of situations and crises. They are well-trained and encouraged to continue learning to remain aware of the greatest possible skills and equipment available. Additionally, we are always open to hiring more experienced and dedicated people that meet our standards. When considering adding to our staff, we check their histories and verify all pertinent information. This vetting process checks for aspects like criminal history and education, ensuring that the person is both ready and safe to treat our patients. What’s more, this process is repeated annually to ensure that our people are not simply the best when they join. They remain the best as we work with them over time. Members of our staff are given annual performance reviews to find ways for improvement and reinforce the work they do with positive and constructive feedback.
Improving our Process
Collecting information on performance can come from multiple sources. By monitoring our own records, we can remain aware of successes and missteps that may occur through the year. DOC internally tracks patient incidents, falls, and infections to monitor issues and find resolutions quickly. Such provides the additional benefit of maintaining an eye on the level of care our people provide. Issues create patterns that are quickly noticed and are swiftly handled. This source of review is the performance improvement program, where we also offer monthly patient satisfaction surveys to find ways to improve. Not only from our own perspective, but yours as well. This provides invaluable information from you on how you have been treated, what you enjoyed, how are staff is doing and where we can improve your experiences. DOC does not exist within a bubble. We work and grow with our communities, and only through your interaction and feedback do we continue to maintain our excellence. Many of our practices are on par with national averages in quality, with a few exceeding them. These are points of pride with our group, and maintaining that standard is both a monumental undertaking and a privilege that we do not take for granted.